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Homebrew Night July, 2006

Members and Guests With Their Favorite Projects

Bill, AB2UW's 2.4 GHz yagi is a work in progress. Bill designed the yagi with a freeware antenna modeling program written by W3CF.

Charlie, K2CQK, with a Heathkit Cheyenne transmitter and companion Heathkit Comanche receiver.

Dick, K2RFP, with his hand crafted HF go-kit and carolina windom case.

Neil, KC2KY, with a PSK-31 audio beacon he built in 1999.

Joe Cohen, KJ4ZW, converted an old Karaoke machine into a case for a self-contained portable QRP station.

Cliff, N2GYI, designed and built a 10/15/17 meter loop antenna.

Bob, WB2ICQ, with a home brew balanced antenna tuner. The large coil to Bob's right is a coax balun that goes between the rig and the tuner.

A look at the inside of Bob's antenna tuner.