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RCARC Repeater Information

The RCARC Repeater System, located in Port Jefferson, Long Island, has 2 meter and 70 cm access.

The RCARC repeater system:

Grid Square Locator: FN30LW

Band        Repeater Input    Input PL       Repeater Output   Output PL
---------   ---------------   --------       ---------------   ---------
2 mtr: 144.550 MHz 136.5 Hz (4Z) 145.150 MHz 136.5 Hz (4Z)
70 cm: 444.525 MHz 114.8 Hz (2A) 449.525 MHz 114.8Hz (2A)

Program your radio to transmit on the Repeater Input frequency and receive on the Repeater Output frequency

Note: The 70 cm side of the repeater is temporarily down.